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ExpandED Schools Announces XYP: Expanded Young Professionals Network

ExpandED Schools

Over the past 20 years, ExpandED Schools has helped provide upwards of 1,000,000 students with more mentors, more access to enrichment classes (like STEM, creative writing, and visual arts), and more hours to learn. We’re proud of this legacy, but we’re also looking ahead toward ways to close the 6,000 hour learning gap for good. More than that, we’re looking for ways to give kids and youth the opportunities that will prepare them for the future.

We’re still learning a lot, but one thing is for sure: We can’t accomplish our mission on our own. We’ll need to engage a robust, diverse group of emerging leaders now that will help propel our work in the years to come. That’s why we’re proud to launch XYP: ExpandED Young Professionals Network. This network will attract young professionals who are passionate about education and who want to make an impact.

XYP network members will make an annual contribution of $95 and gain exclusive access to community events designed to connect likeminded young professionals. Through monthly communications, an annual panel discussion series, and site visits to NYC public schools, members will gain the exposure and know-how to use their social and professional influence as powerful advocates for NYC kids. We also expect that XYP members will become trusted representatives of ExpandED Schools and collaborators with the Junior Board in executing social media driven volunteer engagement and crowdfunding campaigns.

Membership to this vibrant community is open to all interested early to mid-career professionals. Beyond gaining access to a rich peer network, benefits of membership include the following:

  • Free access to events featuring prominent thought leaders in education and relevant fields
  • Subscription to monthly e-newsletter curated for the XYP community
  • Site visits to NYC public school expanded learning partners
  • Engaging volunteer opportunities with NYC kids and youth
  • Discount tickets to our annual Spring Benefit

Please join us for a kickoff event at Google celebrating the launch of XYP on December 6th from 7-9pm. Highlights of this event will include a conversation on the theme of “Diversity, Technology, and the Future of Education” followed by a cocktail reception.

To RSVP for the event, please follow this link to the Eventbrite page.

If you have questions, please email Steven Joseph.


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