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The Expanded Exchange

TASC Annual Appeal: Less Than 48 Hours Left

Jama Toung

Jama Toung is TASC's Chief Development Officer.Earlier this month, TASC held its annual cookie contest. This holiday spectacular is a one-of-a-kind sport, established some years back by the uber-creat ... read more

Meet Roland Marandino, MS ExTRA Tutor

Laurie Crutcher

Laurie Crutcher is a Program Manager for TASC. Roland Marandino began tutoring with one of our MS ExTRA schools this past fall, and we are glad he joined our team. Learn how serving in the National Gu ... read more

America's Future Workforce and the Role of Education

Lucy Friedman

Lucy Friedman is TASC's President.This fall, two organizations collaborated on a survey involving 126 CEOs that examined skills in the U.S. workforce – or lack thereof – specifically in the area o ... read more

Fun Day with the NBA Shows They Care

Vonia Bowie

Vonia Bowie is a Program Manager at TASC.Last Saturday may have been rainy and gray here in NYC, but that didn’t stop 100 students and their families from having a good time and being physically act ... read more

Meet Allison Manson, MS ExTRA Tutor

Joel Nunez

Joel Nunez is a Program Manager at TASC.Allison Manson was a tutor with one of our MS ExTRA schools last year. While we are sorry that she is moving on, we are grateful to have her reflect on her expe ... read more

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