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The Expanded Exchange

Come Join the City Safari

Lisa Mielke

Lisa Mielke is TASC's Science Manager.One Sunday, my husband opened the window shades as I fiddled with the plug on my laptop. “Come here! Now!” he whispered urgently. “But slowly,” he added. ... read more

Our Teen Summer Jobs - #ThrowbackThursday Edition

Therese Workman

Therese Workman is TASC's Web Communications Manager.Do you remember your first summer job? Your very first paycheck? The first time you were put in charge to do a task that wasn’t just cleaning up ... read more

How to Design & Run Great STEM Programs After School

Lisa Mielke

Lisa Mielke is TASC's Science Manager.With support from the Noyce Foundation, TASC previously produced a guidebook to help after-school directors and coordinators include STEM (Science, Technology, En ... read more

What's Lucy Reading?

Lucy Friedman

Lucy Friedman is TASC's president.If you’ve been following our blog, I’m sure you can tell that we’ve been thinking and talking a lot about the adolescent brain, and for good reason – after in ... read more

One Way to Shrink the Opportunity Gap

Christopher Caruso

Christopher Caruso is TASC's Senior Vice President for ExpandED Schools.Earlier this week, the PBS NewsHour reported on expanded learning time as a strategy to improve student achievement and shrink t ... read more

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