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The Expanded Exchange

Anytime, Anywhere STEM Educator Training

Lisa Mielke

Lisa Mielke is TASC's Science Manager.As someone who trains hundreds of Out-of-School Time program directors and frontline staff members every year, I’m excited about the best resource I’ve seen i ... read more

Where Credit Is Due

ExpandED Schools

This post is by Jackie O’Hara, director of The Hub, the high school initiative of the Providence After School Alliance (PASA).  The Hub was selected two years ago as one of the winners of ... read more

Can Classroom Relationships Predict Achievement?

Eric Horowitz

Eric Horowitz is a TASC research analyst.Classroom relationships, whether between two students or a student and a teacher, can be an important driver of student engagement and achievement. If students ... read more

What's Lucy Reading?

Lucy Friedman

Lucy Friedman is TASC's president.There’s been so much great thinking and writing on the underrepresentation in STEM fields of people of color, it’s hard to choose a few. I’ll start with a snaps ... read more

More Than Meets the Eye

ExpandED Schools

Antonio Pacifico is a fifth grade teacher at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy, an ExpandED School and recipient of a Turnaround Arts Initiative grant in New Orleans. This post was originally published on t ... read more

Why Did I Love Science as a Kid?

Saskia Traill

Saskia Traill is TASC's vice president for policy and research.#ThrowbackSTEMDay: The author, right, dons a crisp lab coat as an eager young hospital volunteer. What are the building blocks of an ... read more

How Do Community Organizations Get the Most from Partnerships?

Eric Horowitz

Eric Horowitz is a TASC research analyst.Youth-serving community organizations are increasingly integral parts of the public education system. Community Schools are built on these partnerships, and ev ... read more

Video Resources to Close Opportunity Gap

Nina Agrawal

Nina Agrawal is the Policy and Communications Coordinator for Every Hour Counts. This post first appeared on the Expanded Learning Perspectives blog.Kids today spend 80 percent of their waking hours o ... read more

First Love with a Book

Christopher Caruso

Christopher Caruso is TASC's senior vice president for ExpandED Schools.As I was visiting with 6th graders (including Jenaba Sow, the "after-school convert" who led this Schoolbook article) at PS 109 ... read more

Noyce Documents STEM Barrier-Breakers

Saskia Traill

Saskia Traill is TASC's Vice President for Research and Policy. In most communities across the country, educators in K-12 schools, after-school programs, summer programs and science institutions ... read more


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